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We love having visitors! We host monthly tours and have open house events about three times per year at our Critter Creek facility. When you visit us, please observe the following guidelines for your safety and the safety of the sanctuary residents. 

  • Closed-toed shoes are a must. We are a farm, and there are bound to be insects like ants. You don't want to step in an ant hill wearing sandals. What's more, we can't guarantee that an animal like a pig or a calf won't step on your foot. You want as much protection as possible--boots are best.

  • Please bring only approved snacks for the critters, including: carrots, apples, melons, cantaloupe, squash, lettuce, spinach, peanuts, and/or bananas. We provide treats if you can't bring your own. (Also, please don't bring celery. No one will eat it.)

  • Please respect the residents by not bringing animal products into their home. We respectfully ask anyone who eats meat, eggs, or dairy to leave that at home or in the car.


  • While much of the time many of our animals really enjoy attention, sometimes they just don't feel up to it. Be aware that this is their home and if they're not feeling it, they are allowed to go about their business. We don't ever expect anyone to perform for us--it's all about their comfort. 

  • Please carefully listen to your tour guides' instructions and warnings. When your tour guide advises you not to pet an unfamiliar cow on the face, there is a very good reason for that!

  • You will want to wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Being a farm, there is a lot of dirt. And being Florida, this dirt is often mud. Plus, our pigs love mud, and they love sharing it with you. There really is no way to avoid dirt, cow slobber, donkey dust, and more. But, the dirtier you leave, the more loved you were when you were here!


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