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Meet Ritchie Valens!

Meet Ritchie Valens! This adorable calf--who looks like a Muppet no matter how I photograph him--was in serious need of help. He was born prematurely and didn't have a feeding response. As a result, his people didn't want him. Thankfully, he found a shero in the form of nurse Shauna Collins, who gave him fluids, tube feeds (he couldn't take a bottle yet), antibiotics, and love. She also managed to finally get him to take a bottle--hooray! We can't thank her enough for saving this baby's life. Shauna and her family are awesome. <3

Ritchie arrived on 8/26 and has settled in nicely. He has been taking his bottle well and has even been frolicking (yes that is as cute as it sounds). We have moved him into the pasture with the dairy boys and they have bonded. Ritchie has particularly bonded with Ringo, and you can sometimes catch them playing together.

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