Ursula is the herd leader of a group of cows rescued from a cruelty case. This gorgeous girl is named for the mother of our friend Chris Vane of Little Bear Sanctuary.  Ursula is very much in charge of her group--she gets first dibs on cookies, always--but she's also very caring and protective. It's just as one would expect from a leader!


This adorable little muffin is Ursula's baby. She is as sweet and cuddly as she is cute. All Pressley wants is love and attention--she doesn't even really care about cookies.  

Sadly, Pressley has been diagnosed with BVD, a viral disease of cattle. She has yet to show any symptoms, and we hope dearly that she remains symptom-free.  


The lovely Emma, named after Emma Hoel of Peacefield Farm Sanctuary, is a member of Ursula's herd. Like her namesake, she is very gentle and kind. She is sadly one of the thinnest of the group, and we are working with our vet to ensure she returns to a healthy weight in a timely manner.  


Beautiful Erika is named after Erika Lovato of Sisu Refuge. Also a member of Ursula's herd, she is somewhat skeptical of notcows. We can't really blame her--they weren't treated well before they came to CCFS. Erika seems to be very bonded to Emma. Due to the limited information we receive in a cruelty case, we aren't sure if they are mother/daughter or simply best friends.   


Sweet Tanya is as gentle as they come. Named after Tanya Freymuth of Live Freely Sanctuary, she definitely resembles her namesake in character. She's a small girl and very underweight, but we have a sneaking suspicion that she is pregnant. She will be evaluated by our vet soon to ensure all her dietary needs are properly met, pregnant or not.  


The beautiful Karla is named after Karla Dumas of Yesahcan Sanctuary. Karla is very friendly and loves to have her neck scratched. She seems very bonded to Tanya, but as with Erika and Emma, we don't know if they are related or simply best friends. Regardless, the two are generally inseparable and clearly love each other very much.  

Neil Peart

The final member of Ursula's herd is little Neil Peart. This rambunctious little dude often gets himself in trouble by trying to play headbutt games with The Lady. In fact, he gets in trouble with most members of the herd when he tries to play headbutt games with them. He seems very bonded to Karla and it's likely that she is his mom.  


Our "moonicorn" Norman was born on a "family-run, farm-to-table" dairy. Being a male, he was considered a waste product. The farm owners kept Norman for a little while in a petting zoo setting, but as soon as he wasn't little and cute, they intended to send him to slaughter. He was rescued by a vegan couple and ended up passed around to a few places before finding his forever home with us at Critter Creek. This big guy is super sweet and very mellow, and has been really enjoying all the space and friends at CCFS.   

Charlie Daniels and Hank Jr.

Big Charlie Daniels and his little buddy Hank Williams Junior were rescued from a North Carolina cruelty case. Charlie and Hank Jr., along with dozens of other animals, were severely neglected and even beaten by their previous human. Thanks to efforts by Sisu Refuge and local law enforcement, the animals were removed from the abuser, who was prosecuted on animal cruelty charges.


When Charlie and Hank Jr. arrived at Critter Creek, we discovered they had the infectious condition Johne's disease. For this reason, they cannot join the rest of the herd and are kept in a large medical quarantine pasture. They have done extremely well since their arrival, and our vet remarked that they are the "fattest Johne's cows [he's] ever seen."


Charlie is very friendly and loves being scratched behind his horns. Hank Jr. took a little longer to warm up to us, but he will now take cookies and even allow little pets on the head!