Levsha (Russian for her original name, "Lefty") is a member of a herd of five cows who came from a North Carolina rescue who chose to refocus its efforts on dogs and cats. Levsha is one of the friendlier members of this crew, largely driven by her love of cookies. She has been known to try to basically swallow an entire hand to get to the cookie, and isn't above trying to climb into the Ranger, either.  


The first time I approached Sassy, she tried to headbutt me. The second time I approached Sassy, she tried to headbutt me. The third time I approached Sassy, she tried to headbutt me. The fourth time... You get the idea. Sassy is the Hedy of Critter Hills, meaning she's got something of a challenging moo-sonality. She doesn't like us, and that's OK. We love her anyway.   


Sweet, shy Monet was an overbred "spent" cow who was thankfully rescued with her last daughter. Her life has likely not been filled with good experiences with notcows, and as a result she is very non-trusting. She is gradually allowing us to get closer, and hopefully she will feel confident enough to take cookies someday.  


Koroleva (Russian for her original name, "Reina"), is Monet's daughter. Like her mom, she is very shy and non-trusting. We are working on slowly allowing her to learn that we are safe. We recently made a breakthrough when she felt safe enough to approach us and take cookies.    

Big Bopper

One of our largest moos is the Big Bopper (formerly known, paradoxically, as Little Man). The most outgoing member of the North Carolina crew, the Big Bopper is a gentle giant. He also sadly has some health issues, including arthritis and a bone infection called lump jaw. We medicate his arthritis with 72(!!) anti-inflammatory pills at a time during flare-ups, and we monitor the lump jaw to ensure the infection remains under control. 


Jabez is a handsome zebu who came to us through the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue. He was found as a stray, and doesn't appear to have had much socialization. He tends to steer clear of us, although he has been coming closer out of curiosity. He may not the biggest fan of notcows, but he does enjoy cookies. Take a look at the smile on his face when he first tasted a cookie!

Eleanor, Deana, and Bunny

These three lovely moopeople arrived with Jabez from the South Florida SPCA. Both Deana and Eleanor were found as strays. Shortly after they were picked up, Deana gave birth to Bunny (the SPCA named her Bunny because she was born on Easter).


Deana and Eleanor seem to have been through a lot. Deana's ears are all torn up, which is indicative of a dog attack. Eleanor, who is pregnant, is very scared and mistrusting of notcows.


At CCFS, our residents don't have to like us. They are free to avoid us if that's what makes them feel safe. We are here for their comfort, not the other way around.     

Bella and Jingles

Sam Maybury raised Bella and Jingles from the time they were tiny babies and was horrified to find that her boss was sending them to market. In a panic, she contacted us to find out if we could give them a home--we said of course--then she went to the auction with a blank check, determined to save them. Fortunately she was successful, and she transported Bella and Jingles (named for their birth dates around Christmas) to Critter Hills.


Bella is very friendly and outgoing, while Jingles is on the shy side. However, the two are best friends and joined at the hip, so wherever Bella goes, Jingles follows. Their relationship is the classic introvert with the extrovert friend--the introvert would rather stay home and watch Netflix, but the extrovert drags them out anyway, making them socialize.   78

Dizzie Gillespie

This big guy is brother to our original jazz trio, Etta James, Miles Davis, and Nina Simone. His former guardian decided to get out of the cattle ranching business and did not want to send Dizzie and his siblings to slaughter. This is something we wish to support, so we gave them all a home. Dizzie has a sweet, goofball personality. He also has the most adorable curls on his forehead.  

Louis Armstrong

Louis is the fifth member of the jazz family. He is directly related to Etta James, and it's obvious, as they look alike. Louis and Dizzie are the best of friends, even if they do butt heads sometimes--literally. Louis is like his sister in that he has a dominant personality and is a little more standoffish. He loves cookies, though, and drops all pretense of being suspicious of the notcows when he hears the cookie bucket shaking.  

Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard

These two sweet baby boys were considered waste products by the dairy industry. All dairy calves are taken away from their mothers right after birth. The males are either slaughtered the day they're born or occasionally sold for veal. These two boys, born at a Massachusetts dairy, were going to be sent to slaughter at about 1 day of age. They were saved by Jason Bolalek of Destination Liberation Rescue. He negotiated their release and personally transported them to CCFS. Though these two boys don't have the same mother, they are definitely family. They are tightly bonded and are never far away from each other.


Eddie is very outgoing and gregarious, while Stone is more reserved. But both are incredibly sweet, loving creatures who deserved to live. All dairy calves like them deserve to live, too--we wish we could save them all.