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This is a shy girl whose name is a diminutive for “cow” in Russian, kind of like “kitty” or “doggy." She’s sweet but won’t let any strangers near her, as she's terrified of notcows. Koravushka is a very brave soldier in the herd, though, and she is often found guarding Claire or the babies.


This BIG girl is the herd's number one sergeant, number two in the herd to Claire. She loves Claire and kind of worships her. Beatrix started out feral and is now a lovable teddy bear. She's such a gentle giant--she even enforces her rules rather gently, given her size.


Sweet Cookie is a gentle girl who was the first of the Feral 12 to allow us to pet her. She seems to be fascinated with kids, being very surprised that notcows come in such small sizes. She has been an amazing mom to her boy, Axl. 

Axl Rose

Axl is Cookie’s baby, and was born right before they came over to us. He is the sweetest little dude, is super friendly, and loves affection. He really likes to rub his head on people’s legs, which is cute but can knock you over if you’re not prepared for it, so watch out. He and mama Cookie remain incredibly tightly bonded. 

Darla and Duke Ellington

These two Dexter cows were raised from babies by homesteaders who decided it was time for them to be sold for slaughter. A 12-year-old vegan found out about this and facilitated their rescue. Darla is very curious and will approach people, although she has a suspicious nature and doesn't enjoy pets. Duke is more timid--unless you have cookies, in which case he will try to swallow your whole hand. 

George Harrison Valentino

GHV is a Holstein mix who was meant to be a veal calf, but he was so cute and sweet that a UF student rescued him. He was hand-raised by kind people, but he eventually got really lonely and started to break out of his pasture looking for other cows. That led his family to find CCFS where he could have a herd. He’s a huge, friendly puppy and one of everyone's favorite moos at CCFS.


Beautiful Myrna is the herd busybody with an adorable underbite. Coming from a severe neglect case, she may have heard of nice notcows, but she doesn't believe it and doesn't want to hear about it. She is constantly suspicious of everyone and everything. Any notcow who comes into her pasture will get inspected by Myrna, and then given a disapproving glare. She's definitely judging us all. 


Hazel was rescued with Myrna as part of a neglect case by the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue. They were incredibly skinny when they arrived and unhealthy, but most have recovered. She has a strong maternal instinct, having adopted her granddaughter and a calf that wasn't even related to her. 

Iggy Pop

Iggy is Hazel’s boy. He was very shy and timid at first, but he has since come out of his shell and become quite the sweetheart. He's never far away from his sister-cousin Violet and his adopted brother, Sammy. 

Otis Redding

Sweet Otis is a giant jersey steer and the dad of Violet and Iggy. This guy is mellow and gentle. Have you ever heard that bulls were dangerous to have around calves? Otis would beg to differ. Otis was a bull when he arrived, and has always been a great dad. His babies love him, and still have a close relationship with him, even now that they're over a year old.


Violet's mama Flora--who was Hazel's daughter--sadly didn't survive the damage the neglect did to her body. Although the loss of her mama devastated her, Violet was adopted by grandma Hazel, who fed and raised her. She, Iggy, and her adopted brother Sam are best buddies. Violet is the sweetest, gentlest moo who loves everyone.


Sam was rescued as an abandoned day-old calf with a badly broken leg. He was cared for by a kind young woman, but she was moving and couldn’t take him with her, so she brought him to us. We continued to cast his broken leg until it was fully healed, at which point he was adopted by Hazel and her crew. He is best buds with Violet and Iggy, and is a total puppy.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s group was brought to us from the SF SPCA after having been rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse. Tom Petty was seconds away from being killed, hence his name (You Got Lucky, Babe). He is a little dude who has had a rough life. You can even see where he has been branded—he hasn’t been treated well. On a fun note, he’s the herd lothario with a new girlfriend every day.


Gertie is a shy sweetheart with a crooked neck (known as torticollis), which the vet believes to be a congenital deformity. It doesn’t seem to hurt her, and she gets around just fine. Like Tom Petty, she was rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse by the South Florida SPCA and doesn't trust notcows very much.


Lula is Gertie’s baby who is a sweet little fluff muffin. She has none of her mama's shyness and is full of attitude. Indeed, when her cousin Desi was born, tiny Lula single-hoofedly chased away a couple of nosy donkeys who were bothering him. She's an adorable little spitfire!


Juliet is a shy girl who arrived with Tom Petty, Gertie, and Lula. Her experiences with notcows don't seem to have been good, as she is very fearful and is slow to approach. 

Desi Arnaz

Juliet is such a petite girl that no one had any idea that she was pregnant when she arrived. So it was with great surprise that we walked out one day and saw Juliet with baby Desi! Like his mama, Desi is very shy and has yet to warm up to notcows. We're hoping that changes as he discovers cookies...


Millie was found as a stray in the Everglades with Lucille, the two having likely escaped their prison. Beautiful Millie arrived pregnant. She’s friendly, but can be unpredictable when pet. We are working on convincing her that she can enjoy affection without also having to headbutt us.

Buddy Holly

Buddy is Millie's adorable little boy. He's super friendly and quite a character, as you can tell from the photo. He has grown up with the dairy babies, and clearly considers himself to be one of the boys. 


Grover was found abandoned in an avocado grove and was so sick and emaciated he couldn’t stand. He was rescued by the SF SPCA and had to be carried out on a stretcher. After Grover was nursed back to health, he was adopted by Millie and Lucille, and they are now a tight family unit. This cute little dude is just now learning to trust notcows.


Lovely Lucille is friendly, curious, and very dedicated to her best friend Millie. She also watches over Grover and Millie's baby Buddy Holly, acting as a tough soldier when needed. 

Josephine, Penelope, and Dio

The three zebus came from another sanctuary who needed to rehome them. Zebus are a different subspecies of bovine from the other cows we have: Bovis taurus indicus instead of Bovis taurus taurus. All three are pretty timid, but love cookies. Josephine in particular has quite a loud moo when she is demanding cookies--you never have to guess what she wants!

Oscar and Felix

Oscar and Felix are best buddies who came to us from Noble Island Ranch and Rescue. This wonderful rescue saved them from slaughter at auction, then brought them here to live out the rest of their years. Oscar is a naughty moo who loves to jump fences in order to pursue his latest girlfriend. Felix, in contrast, is content to hang out with the herd in search of shade, grass, and cookies.