Stevie Rain, Elvis Hope, and Ringo Storm

Male Holsteins calves are considered useless, so they are either slaughtered the day they're born or occasionally sold for veal. These three boys were going to be sent to slaughter at about 1 day-old. They were saved by Augusta GA Animal Save, which negotiated their release and arranged their transport to CCFS. Though these three don't have the same mother, they act like  brothers and are tightly bonded, doing everything together.


Elvis and Ringo are extremely affectionate and are guest favorites. Stevie is highly intelligent, and tends to be a little more reserved with strangers. However, when he gets to know you, he becomes just as cuddly as his brothers. 

Ritchie Valens

Tiny Ritchie was born prematurely and didn't have a feeding response. His notcows didn't want him, but thankfully a shero neighbor rescued him and took care of him for several days. She then contacted us, and we brought him to CCFS when he was just 5 days old. He has done GREAT and is a tiny firecracker. He has bonded with the dairy boys and is particularly fond of Ringo, with whom he enjoys playing. 

Cliff Burton

When we first viewed the Critter Hills property, there were four steers who were clearly being fattened up for slaughter. So, we made an offer on the property that included the four steers, who became the Metallica crew. Cliff Burton is the most outgoing of the Metallica boys, and has been known to nearly climb in the ranger with us in order to get some more cookies.  

Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield

These two members of the Metallica crew are inseparable. Where you find one, you are guaranteed to find the other. This often leads to double trouble--one breaks out of the pasture, the other will also break out of the pasture. One refuses to move to another pasture with the rest of the herd, the other will also refuse to move to another pasture with the rest of the herd. One manages to get himself locked in the small corner paddock, the other will also manage to get himself locked in the small corner paddock.

They don't just hang out together; they also groom each other, play, and will defend each other. It's just like our friendships, only with more mooing and saliva. Both are on the timid side, especially when they somehow end up on different sides of the field. When they are together, they usually manage to work up the courage to down handfuls of cookies.

Kirk Hammett

The fourth member of the Metallica crew, Kirk started out as the shiest of the four. However, he has started to come out of his shell and will come hang out at the Ranger and take cookies. None of the four boys were ever treated with any kindness, so learning that notcows can be friends is taking time. He does seem to want to be friends, though, and is even starting to allow short pets.   

Mama Cass

Mama Cass is part of our "classic rock crew," a group of four calves who lived on the Critter Hills property. We were fortunately able to negotiate their release to us to prevent them from being sent to market. Mama Cass is very friendly and LOVES cookies. Indeed, she is almost always one of the first on the scene when the Ranger enters the pasture. She also loves the water and is in the ponds at least a couple times per day. 

Jimi Hendrix

The smallest, and shiest, member of the classic rock crew, Jimi Hendrix took a while to warm up to us. At first, he didn't even want to approach us to take cookies, but is getting braver by the day. He is very strongly bonded with Mama Cass and the other members of the classic rock crew. 

Freddie Mercury

This sweet, outgoing boy had a memorable way of introducing himself to Erin: He burped in her mouth. Once that happens, you are bonded for life. Freddie is always up for neck scratches, cookies, and going for a swim with his friends.   

John Lennon

The final member of the classic rock crew, John Lennon started out pretty skeptical of this notcow thing. However, he soon learned the notcows were the source of cookies, so we weren't so bad. He then learned we were also the source of head and neck scratches, and his skepticism disappeared.  

Faline and Frankie Avalon

Faline was rescued from a cruelty and neglect situation by the South Florida SPCA. Shortly after arriving at CCFS, Faline appointed herself herd leader and matriarch of the Critter Hills facility. She wasn't a fan of ours at first, but she has been warming up to us, mostly thanks to cookies. As herd leader, she is largely aloof otherwise, but she doesn't hesitate to come up to us for cookie time. In late 2019, she surprised us by giving birth to her adorable baby Frankie Avalon!  

Bobby Darin

This adorable little guy is Faline's baby. Faline must have warned him about notcows, because he doesn't trust us at all. We're hoping that as he gets older, he will grow to trust us. But, some moos simply don't like notcows, and that's their right. If Bobby turns out to have that sort of moo-sonality, that's perfectly OK.  


Moby's mama was rescued from the same cruelty case with Faline, but sadly she passed away shortly before they were scheduled to arrive at CCFS. This caused Moby to be very sad when he first got to us, but thankfully Faline has adopted him and he has bonded very strongly with her and Bobby Darin. He is a very affectionate little guy and we hope he tells Bobby Darin that notcows aren't so bad. 


Slash was rescued as part of Faline's crew. This BIG guy loves his little herd. He also loves two other main things: girls and cookies. He may be huge, but he doesn't have a mean bone in his body and enjoys head scratches... and did we mention girls? And cookies?   


The final member of Faline's crew, Duff is never too far from Faline or his best buddy Slash (he tends to stick with Faline when Slash is off stalking girls). A fairly mellow moo, Duff enjoys head scratches and cookies.    


Stella was found running loose in south Florida. She gave the SF SPCA a run for their money, with a chase culminating in a swimming pool. Though not part of Faline's herd, she was at the SPCA at the same time, and was depressed when they left. When she arrived at CCFS and saw her friends, she ran toward them, ecstatic to see them. Stella is a shy, gentle girl who loves her herd and is learning to trust notcows.  

Nina Simone

Nina is the first of our jazz trio, a group of three moos who came to us as owner surrenders. We don't know much about their history, but they don't seem to have been overly socialized. Nina is the boldest of the three and was the first to come and take cookies and get pets. She has the most adorably gigantic head you've ever seen, and a beautiful face to go with it!

Etta James

The gorgeous mahogany-colored Etta is an intense moo who examines everything with a degree of skepticism. Due to her intensity, leader Faline quickly appointed her as her head sergeant. She carries out her sergeant duties faithfully, and she tolerates no disrespect to Faline--just as a good sergeant should.  

Miles Davis

Miles' original name when he first arrived was "Cuddles," and he was anything but cuddly. Indeed, he was terrified, and would gallop away in the opposite direction whenever we approached. But then, a miracle occurred: Miles discovered cookies. We guess he figured that anyone who provided such an amazing treat had to be a friend, and he has become very sweet as a result. You could say he has almost even become... cuddly.   


Sweet Figgy boy had adoring parents. Unfortunately, the fence in the field they were leasing wasn't secure and he managed to jump it, run in the road, and get hit by a truck. As a result, they rehomed him at CCFS. When Figgy first arrived, he yowled for days, missing his parents. Indeed, he was horribly depressed for weeks until his parents came to visit. That day, Figgy underwent a transformation and came out of his shell. The sad, depressed steer became a happy, friendly herd member.   


Like Figgy, Molly also had adoring parents, but they had to move out of the country. She ended up at a sanctuary, but the sanctuary closed, and Molly needed a new home. Molly's parents, from overseas, asked us to take her, and we were happy to do so. Molly is an old girl, and very calm and affectionate. When she approaches you she doesn't even want cookies--she just wants love.    

Florence and Mary

Florence and Mary arrived with Molly from the same closing sanctuary. These two Holsteins, rescued from the dairy industry, are double trouble (can't you tell from their photo?). They have an exuberant joy for life and everywhere they go, it's FROLIC FROLIC FROLIC! They do everything together, and nothing they do is small, so it's all BIG x 2.   

These girls are very friendly--exuberantly so, of course--and love getting scratches and cookies. Due to their exuberance, particularly for cookies, Sergeant Etta has had to teach them manners and the herd's proper social order.